Workplace Services

As experts in mediation, conflict resolution, negotiation, and group facilitation, Agree can draw from a variety of approaches to tailor a solution to your workplace matter.  Our approach recognizes that in order for interventions, from two party mediations to large group restorations, to be successful, the outcome needs to deal not only with the “presenting problem” giving rise to the dispute, but must also deal with the underlying drivers of conflict that caused the problem in the first place. We look to resolve not only the problem that brought the matter to management’s attention, but also to begin to rebuild relationships, along with everyone’s capacity to effectively handle any future issues that arise. 

Workplace Mediation is a confidential, informal and voluntary process whereby an impartial Mediator facilitates communication between those in dispute to assist them in developing mutually acceptable agreements to improve their future working relationship.  Mediation can be effective in both union and non-union settings and at all levels of the organization.

Team Restoration and Relationship Partnering workshops are used in situations where the workplace community needs to address complex issues or requires a re-setting of the community norms around respect and civility, or interdependencies and accountabilities.  This intervention provides growth experiences for each member of the team and builds a cohesive working team. Team Restorations are often part of a continuum of Workplace Assessment, and sometimes preliminary interventions such as mediation or coaching. 

Agree trainers provide a variety of conflict management and communication skills training workshops to diverse organizations and clients.  Along with providing in-house training programs, Agree trainers have also designed and deliver courses at colleges and universities. Agree’s training is always interactive and, in accordance with adult learning models. 

Conflict coaching is a process to improve individuals’ competency in communication and conflict management. Coaching can take several forms contingent upon the objective of the workplace and individual. Agree consultants use coaching both as a proactive stand-alone process with individuals who want to improve their conflict management, communication and negotiation skills or as needed during other restoration processes.

Agree Investigators conduct impartial, third-party investigations into allegations arising from the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, WDHP and Respectful Workplace policies, and an organization’s internal policies.

The Circle process originates among First Nations communities, who for centuries used community circles to deal with difficult issues and where decisions need to be made.  The Circle process is useful in workplaces where there are deeply-rooted disputes or there is a need for a public “clearing of the air” about a specific incident in the recent or distant past which has been hampering working relationships.