Lacey Day

Lacey Day is Agree’s Administrative Assistant, and Mediation Coordinator for Civil Mediation Services. 

As a Virtual Assistant, Lacey has been providing administrative support and scheduling services to professionals in Canada and the US since 2020. Prior to moving to a fully virtual work environment, Lacey provided a variety of services as a Coordinator and Office Manager for Non-Profit and Co-operative Housing Organizations across the GTA. 

Lacey assists in the administrative aspects of the services offered by Agree, including communications, scheduling, information processing and invoicing. She has access to the Consultant’s calendars, and provides assistance with various tasks and projects where needed. 

Lacey is available 5 days a week by telephone or email and is happy to provide answers to immediate inquiries.   

You can reach Lacey at 1-800-524-6967 or admin@agreeinc.com.