Effective Communication

Effective communication is more than just the transmission of information.  It is an interactive approach that ensures understanding by all parties, allows everyone’s interests to be heard, and next steps are aligned.  This workshop will lead participants through an interest-based approach to communication and provide strategies to maximize collaboration and minimize opportunities for conflict.  This workshop would be appropriate to improve communication skills for employees interacting with both internal and external stakeholders, or for supervisors and managers hoping to improve communication skills with their employees.

Agree will customize the agenda in order to incorporate requests for specific skill development, to refine the agenda for the skill set of participants, and to customize exercises and role plays that reflect the situations commonly found in their workplace.  

Participants will learn the:

  • 3 levels of listening
  • barriers to communication
  • the 5 conflict modes, and how they impact our ability to manage conversations
  • active listening skills
  • taking an interest-based approach to communication
  • problem-solving skills

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