Difficult Conversations

Nothing can change the fact; conflict in the workplace is inevitable. What you can change is your confidence and ability to deal with “unreasonable” people, manage a difficult situation or handle sensitive issues. Learn how to shift a difficult conversation to a learning conversation by developing an interest-based negotiation approach and enhancing your listening skills. In this 1-day workshop, participants will be given many opportunities to join in discussions with subject-matter experts, engage in exercises and practice skills. This workshop is appropriate to all levels of the organization and can be customized for specific work units or adapted for blended groups.

What you’ll learn from this workshop:

·      When and how to apply interests, rights and power-based approaches to resolving conflict

·      Using the Triangle of Satisfaction as a tool to uncover the three types of interests people often have

·      Strategies and practice for dealing with angry people

·      Active Listening Skills

·      The LEAP Clinic, an easy-to-apply conversational model that moves people effectively through a difficult conversation.

·      How to structure conversations for different purposes

·      When to Have a Difficult Conversation

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