Building a Respectful Workplace

Many organizations require training to maintain or restore civility and respectful behaviour in the workplace. This program equips leaders and employees with practical knowledge and tools for creating respectful work environments. Participants will learn how to identify, prevent and respond to any workplace incivility situations.

Workplace training that focuses on respectful behaviours can boost teamwork, improve performance and strengthen employee morale and engagement. A Workplace Assessment may recommend a training workshop as a means to establish civility in the workplace and prevent complaints. Subsequent to an Investigation, training may be required to restore the workplace and reset behavioural norms in order to shift the culture and build a respectful work environment.

Sample Learning Components:

·      An overview of the relevant policies sets the stage

·      Defining harassment and distinguishing personal harassment

·      Clarifying intent vs. impact

·      Recognizing how bullying can happen in the workplace

·      Outlining responsibilities for the source, the target, observers and those in authority when challenging situations arise

·      Eliminating toxic gossip from the workplace

·      Developing the skills and the ability to “listen to understand”

·      Exploring barriers to effective communication

·      Responding to strong emotions like anger and tears

·      Using the LEAP model to shift a difficult conversation to a learning conversation

· Understanding the attributions and assumptions made about other’s behaviour      

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