Organizational Disputes

Organizations are complex systems. Over time relationships between interdependent elements of an organization can become dysfunctional. The status quo is often characterized by a lack of effective communication, absence of mutual trust and respect and an “us versus them” attitude on the part of all involved. Agree provides analysis and intervention services to assist organizations experiencing internal conflict.

Repairing these relationships requires careful analysis, as to the appropriate form of intervention. Agree understands that each case is unique and the remedy must be tailored to the specific factors involved.

Agree’s approach recognizes that not all conflict can be resolved — but there is always an appropriate next step. Agree works with the parties to identify and implement that next step. Agree meets with the necessary parties to analyze the elements of the conflict and assist the parties to accept a cooperative, interest based approach to addressing the challenges.

Meeting with the parties separately or jointly, as appropriate, Agree helps the parties to focus on what would characterize the “ideal” relationship and then move them to identify the challenges and barriers that are preventing the attainment of that ideal. This process proceeds in a way that is “soft on the people and hard on the problem.” In other words, the emphasis is not on who is to blame, but rather on how can the parties work together cooperatively to achieve their goals in the future.

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