Interest-Based Negotiation Skills

Most people find negotiation stressful.  Employees face a dilemma:  Either they stick up for themselves, the company, or departmental objectives (and risk harming an important relationship), or focus on preserving the valuable relationship and risk criticism for not accomplishing goals and targets.  There is a better way of understanding the task of negotiation that will both reduce stress and enhance effectiveness – Interest-based negotiation and problem solving.  This 2-day workshop explores the relationship among interest, rights and power based approaches to negotiation.  We examine win-win strategies for approaching negotiation, strategies for breaking deadlocks and dealing effectively with positional tactics. This workshop is appropriate for anyone in the organization who needs to “sell” their idea, negotiate scarce resources or collaborate effectively on a project where competing interests are in play.

Participants will:

  • explore how interests, rights and power are used in negotiations
  • consider elements of procedural fairness
  • identify 5 “negotiation styles”
  • The “5 Step Model” for interest-based negotiations
  • “Games Negotiators Play”
  • active listening and questioning skills for more effective negotiations
  • handling difficult conversations and dealing with impasse

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