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Participant Comments
From Advanced Mediation Skills Workshop

"Excellent Workshop!"
Kevin Miller, Clerk, Town of Lasalle

"Great to see a variety of (mediator) styles."
"Well thought out allocation of time."
"Even better than I expected"
Laurie Priske , Durham College of Arts & Technology Professor

"The Course Facilitators were very educational and informative"
"I learned a lot from the workshop - particularly focusing on using respectful, positive words - it helps in arriving at resolution"
Raul Montero, Attorney, Banco Sentral, Manila, Phillipines

Conflict Management Training

Interest Based Negotiation Training Workshops, 2000
(Claims Adjusters, Underwriters, Underwriter Support Staff, Legal Counsel, Strategic Planning Staff)

1. Did the programme meet your expectations? Please comment.

Yes, this course helped me with listening to others instead of jumping to conclusions.
Yes, it surpassed my expectations - I didn't expect it to be so relevant to "real life" and "work".
Exceeded my expectations. Coming away with valuable business & life skills.
You provided some excellent tools and insight we can use.
Yes, have a much better understanding of the "mechanics" behind effective negotiation.
Yes, the tools learned may not be new, but it was presented in a clear, interesting format.
Yes, it exceeded my expectations. Well presented and informative.
Yes, can use it immediately.

2. What is your evaluation of the presenter(s)?

Excellent presentation. I really enjoyed the personal examples that they were able to share.
Kept me interested and motivated.
Very knowledgeable; Good listeners; Are able to put the class at ease & encourage participation.
Excellent presentation. Each complements the other. Kept us interested throughout the two days. Always took time to address questions or concerns.
Knowledgeable. Clearly present points. Good sense of humour. Good real life examples.
Presenters were excellent. Both Richard & Heather kept the discussion focused. They added many examples of practical applications of the elements discussed. Good use of anecdotes & humour where appropriate.
The atmosphere created by both of you was excellent. It made it fun and enjoyable. Your knowledge and experience added a lot of insight.
Very good, clear, confident and knowledgeable. Very eager if needed to divert from "plan" and tackle any areas brought up.
Very good at creating a "fun & learn" atmosphere in the class.

3. How practical and useful are the concepts and skills in this course.

Please rate on a scale of 1 - 5, where 1 is not at all practical or useful, and 5 is
directly and immediately practical and useful? Average of 4.7 Why?

Many of the concepts were very valuable to me.
Simple, yet thought - provoking ideas.
Rick and Heather took the time to research and learn about the insurance industry. Material was very relevant to our work environment and therefore, practical.
All the concepts and skills are practical and can be used everyday, both at home & at work.
I spend the majority of my time negotiating with our business partners. All the concepts and skills taught in this course are directly applicable to my job.
Very practical & useful, though requires practice to use.
The role-plays were great. The "BATNA" concept stands out and can be remembered right away.
I can begin to use what I have learned immediately.

4. What overall rating would you give this course?

On a scale of 1 -5, where 1 is Poor and 5 is Excellent, Average of 4.6 Why?

The role-playing was very valuable; as well the concepts and ideas that came out during the discussions can be used immediately.
Content is excellent.
It was a great course - every area looked at was interesting and I learned a lot about other people and myself.
It is relevant and useful.
Both were excellent presenters and the material taught was practical & relevant.
Well structured.
Can be applied in all walks of life.
It shows you how to negotiate difficult situations, decision-making and dealing with people.
Very interesting and informative.

"Partnering gives you a process to catch the egos before they get out of hand and keep the emphasis on the task at hand."
Manager, Collingwood Public Utilities Commission

"There's A Crack in Everything....That's How the Light Gets In"
Canadian Bar Association

"It was the most valuable training both professionally and personally that I've ever taken."
City of Toronto Building Inspector

"Extremely valuable training. Many people do not understand the costs of conflict, and the need to minimize those costs."
City of Mississauga Fire Inspector

"These are mandatory people skills to make us more successful."
Manager, Purolator Courier

"I'm leaving class with a true sense of accomplishment."
Manager, Nav Canada

"I would recommend this course to all employees (including managers) who deal with the public."
Public Health Inspector

"Excellent, clear, concise, and motivating."
Lawyer, large corporate legal department

"One of the best courses we've taken so far."
YMCA Canada management team

"The best Management Development '97 program. I didn't know that conflict management could have such depth, it covered every concern I had."
Manager-in-training, Purolator Courier Ltd.

"Everyone should take this course. It should start with the managers, and move on from there."
Region of Peel Social Services Department

"This presented conflict from a very different angle. All employees should take this course!"
First Marathon Corp

"Very valuable. I pride myself in being very good in dealing with the public. After taking this course, I'm sure I have lots to improve!"
Engineer, Drainage Engineers Association

Queen's University Industrial Relations Centre
Aboriginal Institute's Consortium

Janice Henderson, Chief, Stanjikoming First Nation
"It exceeded my expectations... It will assist me in my day to day and professional life... I am not sure if l would actually become a mediator as a profession, but I am interested in developing skills at the prevention and negotiation level. It also made me more aware of what skills 1 need to develop.' i.e. re-framing, active listening, etc..."
"I would definitely recommend this course to others."

Angle Lafontaine, Director of Health, Moose Cree First Nation
"It was one of the best seminars I have ever been to!"
"This material is helpful at all levels, between co-workers, management, chief and council, etc..."
"The ADR training was excellent! It provided me with valuable tools to utilize in the mediation process. Excellent resource material was provided and this will help to keep the information fresh "

Sam Bedwash, Project Manager, Constance Lake First Nation
"Very interesting .... I would like to come back for more courses. First Nations Project Managers should take the training."

Susan Barberstock, Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Programme Co-ordinator/Trainer, Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres
"The workshop was very helpful in assisting with my learning and in increasing my knowledge, skills and attitudes with respect to mediation and ADR .... the future now fields many new opportunities."

Gary Williams, Chief, Curve Lake First Nation
"Excellent... definitely a survival tool. My position often puts me in situations of conflict and this process will be great in dealing in human interaction."
"It pushed me to the limit.' mentally, physically, spiritually .... A 1."
"This should be a mandatory course for all Chiefs dealing with people and with conflict. This knowledge is invaluable in dealing with people."

Karen Hill, Manager of Programs and Services, Six Nations Polytechnic
"This seminar was excellent in terms of content, facilitator knowledge and preparedness and facilities. "
"Challenging, intense and strengthening."

Phyllis Kinoshamee, Executive Assistant to Health Director, Wikwemikong Health Centre
"The ADR process can be adapted to become culturally appropriate to Native conflicts. Thanks for a good learning experience."

Jackie Moore Daigle, Director and Aboriginal Teacher Education Program, Queens University in Partnership with Communities
"I feel the course has provided me with greater insights and tools to assist me in becoming a better administrator and leader."

Elaine Lesage, Director of Operations, Band Councillor, Garden River First Nation
"The course provided a combination of cross-cultural and conventional learning techniques: an opportunity to share values and bridge the gap between cultures."

Mel Jacobs, Mel W. Jacobs Consulting
"Tough .... helped having Aboriginal culture included."

Judy Syrette, Native Student Counselor, Algoma University College
"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and I hope to be able to do some practicum hours in my community. "
"It helped to identify some skills which 1 can incorporate more effectively into my present position."

Gail Lafleur, PhD Student/Candidate, Queen's University

Ken Jacobs, Issues Management Advisor, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
"(provided) new knowledge appropriate to current needs'."

Lynn M. Manitowabi, Aboriginal Liaison- Cultural Awareness Advisor
"Full of information, wonderful learning experience: I learned about process and about self.”
"I can make this skill training work in my own personal style that I use in facilitation. ADR is a skill we all could use in every aspect of our lives. I am a better person for the newly acquired ADR skills I have learned. I will use the training and allow it to grow in me."

Patricia A. Owl, Employment Services Officer, Saulteaux Enterprises
"My organization will now be effective in resolving conflicts as I can provide information to them about mediation."

Elizabeth Porter, Criminal Courtwork Program Developer/Lawyer, Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centre
"This is a well-rounded program to learn from."

General Training Information
Experiential Adult Learning by Design
Customized Workshops
Conflict Management Skills for the Future
Agree can provide customized in-house workshops for your organization on the following topics.
Strategic use of ADR
Conflict Management for Managers and Supervisors
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Mediation Skills in the Organization
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