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Profile of Cases Suitable for Mediation

  1. Where you believe that counsel would recommend settlement but claimant is resisting.
  2. Where you suspect the breakdown in communication is between your counsel and theirs.
  3. Where counsel is unresponsive to your offers to settle.
  4. Where you cannot get a demand or assessment from the other side.
  5. Where there is a multi-party global situation and it is difficult to get everyone to come to grips with the case at the same time.
  6. Where you have had a pre-trial that was not helpful.
  7. Cases where credibility is an issue or the other side is "in denial" about it.
  8. Cases where causation is in question yet the plaintiff is not acknowledging it.
  9. Where there are other factors that the claimant needs to consider other than strictly legal ones - i.e. elderly plaintiff, estate file, risk to reputation etc.
  10. Where your counsel's opinion rides on the credibility of the claimant and you would like the opportunity to assess his/her veracity for yourself.
  11. In circumstances where the key difference is how the parties interpret data (future loss / loss of economic opportunity) and not the data itself.
  12. Where the company has an ongoing relationship with the claimant and wants to demonstrate utmost good faith and responsiveness.
  13. Where the value of the claim is little or no greater than the cost of litigating it.
  14. Where your counsel is recommending settlement, but you just don't see it based upon the information at your disposal.

If you want to bring a matter forward for mediation, simply call Agree and provide the particulars by phone.

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