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Experience in Facilitating
Partnering Workshops

Agree is a pioneer in the design and facilitation of Partnering workshops. The following is a summary of some of the workshops we have facilitated:




Kingston Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre, The City of Kingston / Arcturus SMG Canada – October 2007

The Kingston Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre (KRSEC) is a newly constructed world class venue for the City of Kingston. Gary Furlong facilitated this workshop where the City of Kingston and Arcturus SMG Canada clarified expectations and responsibilities for marketing and operating the facility.


Mount Sinai Hospital Retreat – June 2007

Renew Sinai is a multi-year capital redevelopment project for Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto which in its first phase will add six floors to the main building to accommodate the Women’s and Infant’s Health Centre. Heather Swartz and Richard Russell co-facilitated a two day Visioning Retreat with approximately ninety multi-party representatives The objective of the Retreat was to update participants on the Renew Sinai Redevelopment Project, develop a common future vision and define the future health care environment from the patient and staff perspective.


Range and Training Area Sustainable Management Plan Project, CFB Gagetown – DND / DCC / PWGSC - June of 2007

Heather Swartz and Richard Russell co-facilitated this one and one-half day workshop in New Brunswick. The focus was on enhancing the relationship between the partners on the project: Defence Construction Canada, DND and Public Works and Government Services Canada.


DEW Line Clean-Up Project - Nasittuq Corporation, Defence Construction Canada (DCC), DEW Line Clean-up (DLCU), Environmental Sciences Group (ESG) - January 2007

Heather Swartz and Rick Russell facilitated this workshop involving the decommissioning and rehabilitation of the DEW Line sites. Expectations of DCC, DLCU, Nasituuq and the North Warning Systems Office during completion of the DEW Line Clean-Up Project were discussed. With the short summer season in the Arctic, coordination of work, understanding of scope and liability and proactive processes for third party support services will assist the partners.


Oakville South West Wastewater Treatment Facility, Region of Halton / CH2M Hill - September 2006

This teambuilding session was applied to an ongoing project where the parties’ roles and responsibilities required clarification.  The project involved the reconditioning and refitting of an older facility where the operators had well established ideas of the kind of equipment and operational requirements they needed met.  The session provided a forum for discussion of how scope and other decisions were arrived at and the way in which issues were resolved among the partners and within the Regional Municipality. 


Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals Ontario –

January and July 2006

CARP engaged Agree’s Heather Swartz to design and facilitate a one-day workshop in January designed to provide the Association with input on the National mission and strategic goals. During the 1½ day workshop in July a gap analysis was used to facilitate the Ontario Board of Directors’ brainstorming of a strategic plan to move forward on identified goals. 


Niagara Falls Tunnel Project:  Ontario Power Generation / Strabag / ILF Engineering / Hatch / Dufferin Construction - January 2006

This session provided an opportunity for the senior management levels of the owner, designers, contractors and sub-contractors to discuss their individual roles and responsibilities and their group’s expectations of one another.  The group also explored a variety of problem solving approaches that support and enhance relationships while allowing difficult decisions to be made.


Greater Toronto Airport Authority Passenger Processing in the Airport of the Future – February

June 2005

Rick Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated this multi-session process in Mississauga.  This project brought together key stakeholders at Pearson International Airport including airlines, security, information technology, Customs and Immigration to blue sky passenger management and streaming processes for upcoming Terminal one design.  The process included a best practices peer review of ideas generated. 


William Osler Health Centre Public Private Partnership - June 2005

Rick Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated this series of workshops designed to assist the partners of The Healthcare Infrastructure Company of Canada and the William Osler Health Centre in building, commissioning and transitioning through the integrated operation a 1.2 million square foot, 604 bed acute care surgical hospital facility worth $73.2 million in the City of Brampton. 


Ontario Power Generation / Parsons Marshall Macklin Monaghan Teambuilding Session - September 2004

Rick Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated this retreat session to establish shared vision and agenda for this construction management relationship.  The partners developed working protocols and understandings to move forward on a number of important initiatives together, while examining past experiences for lessons learned. 


Range and Training Area Sustainable Management Plan Project, CFB Gagetown – DND / Conestoga-Rovers & Associates – MGI / DFO / DCC - March 2004

Bill Barrett and Heather Swartz co-facilitated this two day workshop in New Brunswick.  This long-term project is in its initial stages and aims to develop and implement a plan to manage the Range and Training Areas at CFB Gagetown to provide for realistic and sustainable military training while protecting and managing the environment.


Defence Research & Development Canada - Multi-Environment Life Support Technology Group - March 2004

Rick Russell facilitated a one day workshop with this Technology Investment Strategy group that was looking to re-define its working relationship with a number of its funding sponsors.  The workshop employed the principals of Appreciative Inquiry and included a scan of key working strengths of the group as well as identifying entrepreneurial insights and opportunities for the group’s business plan. 


CFB Borden Heavy Equipment Coordination Workshop (Construction Engineering / Maintenance & Logistical Support Group) - March & April 2004

This series of workshops was facilitated by Rick Russell and Heather Swartz.  They assisted the CE and MLS (Transport) Group to explore the alignment and reporting relationships between the two organizational divisions.  Together the groups instituted several changes, both physical and structural, that optimize the use of heavy equipment and specialized operators, while addressing the Base’s training mission within DND.  


Ontario Hospital Association - February 2003

Bill Barrett facilitated a workshop in Toronto to establish the framework to provide information about patient experiences to compel improvements in Canadian health care.  Individual hospitals, independent content consultants (providing marketing and data management capabilities) and the coordinating Ontario Hospital Association partnered to define and prescribe the agreements and mechanisms necessary to make the project successful.

Dynatec / FNX (Fort Knox) Joint Venture Partnering Initiative
- May 2002

Gary Furlong and Rick Russell co-facilitated a two day workshop focused on establishing a sound working relationship between these joint venture partners.  The enterprise was focused on developing a number of viable mines in the Sudbury basin, based upon leasehold arrangements with the International Nickel Company (INCO).


Workplace Safety Insurance Board Project - Fall and Winter 2001

Gary Furlong and Bill Barrett worked together to develop an action plan and set of shared goals and objectives among numerous governmental stakeholder groups to promote efficient administration of overlapping workplace legislation and regulatory processes.  This project was so successful that Agree has been asked to develop Partnering models for a number of the interdependent stakeholders in their relationships with other public and private bodies. 


Falconbridge Mining Kidd Mine Project - June 2001

Rick Russell and Bill Barrett co-facilitated a workshop in Timmins, Ontario to assist the stakeholders in the development of the deepest hard rock mineral mine in the world.  This project involved the coordination of the Falconbridge production and construction teams toward their joint goal of rejuvenating the Kidd Mine site, using revenues from the production of the existing mine on the site. 


Scotiabank Information Technologies Team - February 1998

Agree Partner Rick Russell worked with members of the Scotiabank Information Technologies Team to realign their team goals and set a new direction for interpersonal interaction amongst members of this highly decentralized, technology driven team of communication and computing professionals. 


Clearnet / Motorola / Morrison Hershfield Project - December 1994

Agree has been a pioneer in the use of the Partnering concept at the design stage and in non-construction settings. Rick Russell and Richard Weiler co-facilitated a partnering workshop for Clearnet and its partners Morrison Hershfield Consulting Engineers, Motorola, TSI Design involving the design and construction of a wireless telecommunications system along the Windsor to Quebec City corridor.  The multi-million dollar project was the first of its kind in Canada to involve the Partnering process from the design stage right through to completion.



Fairvew Park Mall, Kitchener, Cadillac Fairview / Pellow & Associates Architects / EllisDon - November 2006, April & October 2007

Cadillac Fairview awarded EllisDon a Construction Management contract to renovate and expand the Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener, Ontario. The renovation and expansion of the current mall includes new entrances, re-configuration of the food court, the addition of a new loading dock, new interior finishes and lighting, new exterior finishes, additional retail units and tenant storage areas. Challenges for this project include maintaining tenant services and completing renovations with minimal disruption to the mall during normal operating hours.  The final workshop took place in October 2007 to discuss “Lessons Learned” on this successful project for future application.


CN Walker Office Facility, Edmonton, CN Walker / EllisDon / Kasian Architecture / Hemisphere Engineering, May 2007

Heather Swartz facilitated this workshop for the CN Walker Office Facility renovation and construction project. The project has multiple tendering processes, a limited and fixed overall budget, is fast-tracked and is challenged by an overall labour and material shortage in Edmonton.


Mid-Halton Wastewater Treatment Plant Project, The Regional Municipality of Halton / King City Group / KMK Consultants

– May 2007

Richard Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated this one and one-half day Partnering session where team-building exercises were uses to strengthen the relationships between the partners. The project will expand the capacity of the Mid-Halton Sewage Treatment Plant and add a bio-solids building on site.   


Union Station Platforms 13/14, GO Transit / VIA / Ellis Don / MMM / Deep Foundations / Black & McDonald - February 2007

Union Station in Toronto, the busiest railway, subway, and streetcar station in Canada, acts as a terminus for commuters on GO Transit. As the intitial phase of the Union Station Master Plan to restore and revitalize the complex, the platform improvement project includes an extension of the south end of the train-shed structure, improvements to two existing train platforms and construction of two new platforms complete with below ground tunnel access to Union Station. Heather Swartz facilitated the partnering session for the first Design-Build project for GO Transit.


Fairview Mall, Toronto, Cadillac Fairview / Bregman + Hamman / EllisDon - November 2006 & January 2007

Richard Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated 2 sessions for the Fairview Mall Renovations in Toronto. The project includes the renovation of approximately 140,000 square feet of common area including new ceiling and flooring throughout. The project also includes 255,000 square feet of re-demised tenant spaces including a new food court, and updated entrances.


Don Mills Centre Redevelopment, Toronto, Cadillac Fairview / Pellow and Associates Architects / EllisDon - November 2006

This project is a mixed-use development, ultimately providing residential space, commercial space and an enhanced retail environment. The challenges for this Guaranteed Maximum Price contract include an evolving design, scheduling issues and sequencing tenant turnovers. Heather Swartz and Richard Russell co-facilitated the workshop.


Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, COHOS EVAMY, EllisDon, Capital Health, Royal Alexandra Hospital - November 2006

Richard Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated this project where the Royal Alex is building the Robbins Pavilion to house the Lois Hole Hospital for Women and the Centre for Cardiac Services. The construction will take place within an operating hospital and in a tight labour market.


Rogers Sportsnet Media Centre, Rogers Communication / WHA Architects / EllisDon - November 2006

This multi-phase fit-out project for Rogers Communication includes the structural modification of the existing building and construction of a “showcase” main broadcast studio at the Rogers Corporate office. Richard Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated the workshop.


Burloak Water Purification Plant, Region of Halton / North America Construction / MacViro Consultant / Earth Tech - August 2006

This project involved the construction of a new, high-tech water purification facility at the foot of Burloak Street in Oakville.  The project had extremely tight time lines and development schedules tied to the on time completion of the project. 


Bankers Court Project – Calgary, Alberta, Brookfield Properties / Ellis Don / COHOS Evamy Partners - August 2006

Heather Swartz facilitated the session for this project which involved the construction of Bankers Court, a new office development located in downtown Calgary. The project includes an underground parkade and a 15-storey office building.


Trillium Health Centre – Mississauga, Trillium Health Centre / Ellis Don / Perkins, Eastman, Black - June 2006

In addition to providing a new Emergency Department with enhanced patient privacy and a special paediatric area separate from the adult treatment area, this new facility also houses a Critical Care area and the Colonel Harland Sanders Family Care Centre.


The Montfort Hospital Project – Ottawa, Montfort Hospital / Ellis Don / Stantec / Murphy Hilgers - May 2006

Hôpital Montfort plays a vital role in Ontario's Francophone community, providing health care in both official languages and serving as a Francophone teaching hospital. The redevelopment project doubled the size of the hospital, added two new wings and renovated existing intensive care, maternal newborn, mental health, ambulatory care and emergency service facilities. Heather Swartz co-facilitated with Janine Grossman of EllisDon.


Bay Adelaide Centre, Brookfield Properties / Ellis Don / WZMH Architects - March 2006

This project involved the construction of a signature, state of the art office building in downtown Toronto. 


Peterborough General Hospital Project, Peterborough General Hospital / Ellis Don - November 2005

This project involved the construction of surgical and acute care facilities at an established regional and community hospital.  Particular challenges included completing the construction without impacting patient care unduly. 


Union Station Platforms 5 & 6 and Teamway Reconstruction, GO Transit / Kenaidan / Morrison Hershfield / HDI Joint Venture - September 2005

The key challenges in this project were the involvement of a number of different ownership interests at different levels of Union Station, and the coordination of significant work on several station platforms and a pedestrian ‘teamway’ while maintaining commuter access and egress to the country’s largest railway station. 


University of Toronto Nursing School Facility, University of Toronto / Ellis Don - May 2005

This workshop was co-facilitated by Rick Russell and Janine Grossman of Ellis Don.  The project involved re-construction of an aged facility at the University of Toronto’s downtown campus.  Key challenges were identifying constructability issues in an older facility where there was a lack of reliable information about the existing structure. 


Ottawa General Hospital Surgical and Critical Care Facility, Ottawa General Hospital / L.O.E.W. Architects / Ellis Don - February 2005

This large project involved the construction of a large critical care and surgical facility to accommodate increasing demands for patient care in the greater Ottawa area.  This project required careful coordination amongst a number of clinical and non clinical groups within the hospital to ensure continuity of patient care as the construction was being done in the midst of an operating medical facility. 


Georgian Mall Redevelopment, Barrie, Ontario, Cadillac Fairview / Ellis Don

February – August 2005

This multi-stage workshop involved the design, construction and commissioning stages of a retail shopping centre build out in Barrie, Ontario.  The workshop was co-facilitated by Rick Russell and Janine Grossman of Ellis Don. 


Pearson International Airport Terminal 1 Redevelopment Phase II, GTAA / PCL Aecon / Airport Architects of Canada / MGP - January 2005

This construction managed project involved the Phase II redevelopment of Pearson’s Terminal 1 including Pier G and the Hammerhead at the end of the Pier.  Key challenges in this project were the integration of needs of a wide variety of stakeholders, including airlines, Customs & Immigration, security and technology services and developing single points of contact and an ownership structure among GTAA groups. 


131 Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Ellis Don / Bregman Hamann / Elliot Realty Advisors - November 2004, Toronto

This office building complex in Ottawa required quick turn around times to facilitate financing and tenant requirements.  This abbreviated workshop was co-facilitated by Rick Russell and Janine Grossman of Ellis Don. 


Pembroke Pollution Control Centre, City of Pembroke / J.L. Richards / North American Construction - September 2004

The partners on this project were faced with a difficult regulatory environment and a history of relationship challenges among neighbouring municipalities.  The project had an aggressive schedule and was of critical importance to development plans for the City of Pembroke. 


Trainee Quarters, CFB Borden, Angus, Ontario, DND / DCC / Bird Construction / Smith Carter Architects - September 2003

The Partners on this design-build project were faced with an aggressive time schedule, with the Partnering workshop followed closely by ground-breaking and a substantial completion date targeted for August 2004. 


Phase 1 Single Quarters Accommodation, CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick – DND / DCC / ADI / MKAI Architects - August 2003

Heather Swartz facilitated this workshop which focused on the design portion of the first phase of an integrated 4 phase approach to add capacity and revitalize base accommodations at CFB Gagetown. 


Tait McKenzie Centre Expansion, York University - York University / Bird Construction / Bregman & Hamman Architects

August 2003

Heather Swartz facilitated this one and a half day workshop. This design/build project had an aggressive one year schedule for an expansion to the Tait McKenzie sports and recreation facility at York University.  This project required careful coordination to permit the addition to be completed while the building continued to be used. 


London Armoury Consolidation - DND / DCC/ Colbourne & Kembel Architects Inc. / Tillman Ruth Mocellin Architects - July 2003, November 2004

Heather Swartz, Rick Russell and Bill Barrett co-facilitated this multi-stage workshop where the project challenge involved an aggressive design schedule and careful transitioning from several buildings to a new first class facility to enhance the operational role of Area Support Unit London, London Reserves and 31 Canadian Brigade Units.  


Windsor Armoury and Windsor Police Service Comprehensive Training Facility for the City of Windsor Police Services / Department of National Defence / J. P. Thomson Architects / Mady Contract Division - May 2003

Rick Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated the partnering workshop for this project involving the development of an innovative partnership to deliver infrastructure to both the City of Windsor police and DND.  Tight timelines and an innovative delivery process made this project well suited to a Partnered approach.


Region of Durham Municipal Building, Whitby – Region of Durham / Ellis Don Contractors - May 2003

Multiple tenants with unique requirements and project history led the Contractor and owner to partner this project. 


Defence Construction Canada (DCC) / Department of National Defence / Canadian Forces Experimental Centre / Vincent Colizza Architects -December 2002

This design stage workshop for the construction of a high tech military facility for Information Operations and CFEC at Shirley’s Bay (Ottawa, Ontario) involved coordinating multiple stakeholders in a multi use building with exceptionally high security requirements.


Defence Construction Canada / Department of National Defence / AMEC

Directorate Research & Development Canada, Toronto - October 2002

A design stage workshop for a state of the art research and training facility for the military. 


Ontario Ministry of Transportation / UMA and Hard Rock Group - May 2002

This project involves reconstruction of the Niagara Falls exit on Hwy 406 over a two year period without interrupting the tourist industry in the area.  Bill Barrett and Rick Russell facilitated the group to a partnering agreement that balances innovation, quality work and solid project management.


North York General Hospital / Bondfield Construction / Murphy Hilgers Architects - August 2001

Gary Furlong and Richard Russell co-facilitated this one and one-half day workshop. This project dealt with major issues of an aging physical plant and improvement of the Neo-Natal Unit.  This project required careful coordination to permit the addition to be completed while the building continued to be used.


Ontario Ministry of Transportation / Garden River Constructors / Peter Kiewit & Sons, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - March 2001

This workshop involved a project to build a new, four-lane highway as part of Highway #17 between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie.  The project was a joint venture undertaken between Peter Kiewit & Sons and Garden River Development Corporation.  It included the development of a sand and gravel pit and developing the capacity within the Garden River First Nation to provide construction expertise and labour to local and other First Nation markets.


Defence Construction Canada / Department of National Defence / Smith Carter Architects / Bird Construction, Toronto, Ontario - November 2000

Rick Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated this workshop. The project involved the construction of the largest armoury ever built in Canada and multiple stakeholders in a high profile and highly politicized construction.  The project had an exceptionally tight timeline and rigorous schedules for substantial completion of work to meet agency funding requirements. 

Hemosol, Mississauga, Ontario - July 2000

This project involved the construction of a state of the art facility to manufacture synthetic hemoglobin as a non-allergenic blood replacement product.  The product itself had just completed its development phase and was obtaining approvals in both Canada and the USA.  This facility was being designed and commissioned in a highly competitive marketplace where timelines and budgets were extremely tight and where quality control and cleanliness were stringent.


York University / Ellis Don / Architects’ Alliance, Toronto, Ontario - June 2000

This project involved the construction of a Computer Science Centre at the York University campus in North York Ontario. 

St. Michael’s Hospital / Bondfield Construction, Toronto, Ontario, - February 2000

This workshop involved a project to add four stories to the top of a large urban hospital in downtown Toronto.  It presented unique challenges because the functions of the hospital needed to be carried on at the same time as construction was being done.

Regional Municipality of Ottawa Carleton / Montgomery Watson - October 1999

This workshop was facilitated by Rick Russell and Bill Barrett and involved the removal of sewage "sludge" blocking a large storm sewage tunnel and reconstruction of the tunnel.  The logistical challenges were many, as the tunnel had to be made available for storm sewer run off during construction, and the existing sewage facility was used for double duty.

Town of Collingwood / SNC Lavelin / Town of New Tecumseth Pipeline, 1999

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated this workshop involving the construction of a water carrying pipeline from Collingwood to the Town of New Tecumseth (Alliston) Ontario.  This was a design-build-operate project of significant scope involving tight timelines and coordination of numerous stakeholders. 


Providence Centre / Bondfield Construction, Toronto, Ontario

Summer 1998

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated a one day workshop involving the construction of an independent residential living wing to the Providence Centre in Scarborough, Ontario.  The project featured exceptionally fine finishing components and detail work and was a signature piece by job completion.  Both Providence Centre and Bondfield were delighted with the results that the Partnering approach brought to this job. 


Town of Dauphin, Manitoba / Kenaidan Contracting Ltd. July 1998 

Rick Russell co-facilitated this workshop with Paula MacDonald involving the construction, using the design-build method, of a water treatment facility for the Town of Dauphin in Central Manitoba.  This was the first design-build project undertaken by the Manitoba Water Treatment Agency.


Township of Lakeshore (Belle River) / OCWA / Delcan Water Treatment Plant - March 1998

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated this workshop involving the design-build construction of a water filtration plant. 

City of Toronto / DELCAN / Peter Kiewit & Sons Constructors Ltd. - Humber Bridges Gardiner Expressway, Toronto - December 1997

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated this workshop involving the re-construction of the eastbound and westbound bridges of the Gardiner Expressway at a cost of over $35 Million on a very aggressive schedule.  The project was completed ahead of schedule.

Town of Collingwood / ZENON Environmental / Maple Construction - November 1997

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated this workshop involving the construction of a water filtration plant using the world’s most advanced water treatment technology in its largest ever



York University / Kenaidan Constructors York University Parking Facility- 1997

This workshop was co-facilitated by Rick Russell and Gary Furlong.  This project had unusual finishing requirements and a demanding worksite bordered by multiple noise and debris sensitive users.

Defence Construction Canada (D.C.C.) / Fulham / Fulmar Construction CFB Aldershot N.S. - Summer 1997

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated three workshops involving the construction of a full service kitchen/cafeteria/mess, barracks and roadway and infrastructure project.  The project was the subject of a Department of National Defence video promoting the use of Partnering called Partnering for Success.

Ministry of Transportation Ontario / Tarmac Minerals Limited - May 1997

Rick Russell facilitated this workshop involving the widening of the highway by two lanes and construction of a median barrier along Highway 401 at its intersection with Highway 35.  This was the first design-build project for these organizations working together. 

D.C.C. / Frontec Service Delivery Contract re Toronto Region - 1996

Rick Weiler and Rick Russell co-facilitated this workshop involving the delivery of building maintenance services to users of Department of National Defence facilities in the Greater Toronto Area by a private sector service provider. 


Maple Engineering / Town of New Tecumseth / O.C.W.A. - October 1996

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated this workshop involving the design/build of a sewage treatment facility, pumping station and supporting infrastructure.  This project represented the first occasion that these parties had experienced Partnering.  Both the Ontario Clean Water Association and Maple Engineering rated the workshop highly and promote the use of Partnering in other projects with which they are involved.

D.C.C. / AXOR Group - CTC Gagetown, N.B. - October 1996

Rick Russell facilitated this workshop for a project involving the design/build of a medical and dental clinic at Canadian Training Centre Gagetown.  The project involved very tight timelines and the movement of very sensitive facilities with demanding user groups involved.


M.T.O. / Northern Roads Development Corporation - Longlac, Ontario - September 1996

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated this workshop in Thunder Bay Ontario.  This project was the first design/build project in the MTO’s Northwest region.  The project involved the reconstruction of sections of Highway 11 between Geraldton and Longlac including the construction of several bridges and other structures.  The workshop provided an opportunity for the stakeholders to discuss their expectations of one another in a process (design/build) that they had not worked on together before.


D.C.C. / Qikiqtaaluk Corporation - DEW Line Decommissioning - August 1996

Rick Russell facilitated this workshop in Iqaliut, N.W.T. involving a project to decommission and rehabilitate the DEW Line site on Cape Hooper in Baffin Island.  This was a very sensitive project, both politically and environmentally and represents the first such Partnering effort between the Department of National Defence and an Inuit construction firm for environmental work in the high North. 


D.C.C. / P.W. & G.S.C. - Facilities Management Southwestern Ontario - June 1996

Rick Russell and Gary Furlong co-facilitated this workshop at CFB London, Ontario to introduce facilities managers at various bases and armouries across Ontario to a new facilities management scheme for the maintenance of buildings in southwestern Ontario.  Users were brought in from across the province, as well as representatives from the service providing organizations (Public Works & Government Services Canada).  The workshop was so well received that Defence Construction Canada received requests for a similar workshop in the greater Toronto area. 

D.C.C. / AGI Consultants - CFB Gagetown, N.B. - June 1996

Rick Russell and Rick Weiler co-facilitated this workshop for a project mandated to build an Enhanced Militia Training Support Complex at CFB Gagetown.  This project involved the integration of multiple users, both on and off Base and in particular militia units from across the Atlantic Provinces.


D.C.C. / AXOR Group / Lydon/ Lynch - CFB Gagetown, N.B. - May 1996

Rick Russell facilitated a workshop for a project involving the design/build of the Canadian Forces School for Military Engineering at CFB Gagetown.  This project was the largest of its kind using Partnering in Gagetown.


D.C.C. / Honeywell - CFB Trenton, Ontario - May 1996

Rick Russell and Rick Weiler co-facilitated a workshop involving a Utility Conservation Feasibility Study, which would involve over $7 million in construction and to be paid out of utility savings.  This was the first project of its kind using the Partnering process, with participants rating the process excellent at the workshop’s conclusion.

D.C.C. - Trenton Community Pool - CFB Trenton, Ontario - April 1996

Rick Russell and Rick Weiler co-facilitated a one day workshop involving members of the design team and pool user groups, both on Base and in the larger Quinte area community to discuss and set joint goals around the feasibility of funding and building an Olympic size swimming pool for both recreational and competitive users. 


P.W. & G.S.C. / Ellis-Don Contractors - East Block Parliament - February 1996

Rick Russell and Rick Weiler co-facilitated a workshop for a project involving the reconstruction of the East Block of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.  The project involved numerous governmental authorities, fine restoration work and highly sensitive user groups.


D.C.C. / Opron Maritimes Construction - CFB Gagetown, N.B. - January 1996

Rick Russell and Rick Weiler co-facilitated a workshop in Fredericton, New Brunswick for a project involving the construction of a Central Heating Facility at CFB Gagetown.  The project involved tight timelines and a “drop dead” operational requirement.  The project was completed on time and on budget. 

M.T.O. / Leo Alarie & Sons Project – Timmins - January 1995

Rick Russell facilitated a two day workshop for a project involving the reconstruction of Hwy. 101, together with water mains and other services, between Porcupine and South Porcupine, near Timmins, Ontario.  This project required exceptionally close coordination of MTO, the City of Timmins, the general contractor and the subtrades.


Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) / Peter Keiwet & Sons - Nepean, Ontario - July 1994: 

Rick Russell facilitated a Partnering workshop in connection with the largest Project ever employing the Partnering process for the Ministry of Transportation (Ontario).  This Project involved the construction of Highway 416 in Nepean, Ontario with a value of $37 million.


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