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Neutral Evaluation

(Non Binding Arbitration)

In many cases, parties benefit from a well considered, expert opinion from a neutral third party about how a case could be fairly resolved. Neutral Evaluation can provide an early and cost effective resolution of most matters, using a process that can be designed to meet the needs of the parties.

Agree's panel of expert evaluators include experienced professionals with varied backgrounds. All of our evaluators have training in the conduct of evaluations and mediations and follow Agree's Neutral Evaluation Model.

After a Neutral Evaluation is requested, Agree will determine what kind of substantive expertise the parties require and assist them in selecting an evaluator whose advisory opinion will inform a fair resolution of the dispute.

The parties, or their solicitors, will provide the evaluator(s) with a comprehensive overview of the case in the form of an Evaluation Brief. The evaluators will carefully review the brief prior to the evaluation meeting.

The evaluator(s) will sit down with the parties and try to work out a resolution, agreeable to the parties after hearing opening submissions by the parties or their counsel. If this approach is not successful, the evaluator will then provide his or her considered opinion and assessment in the presence of all parties and will then work among the parties to try to secure an agreement.

If requested, the evaluator will provide a written assessment of the positions with reasons, to assist them in their ongoing negotiations.

If you wish to learn more about neutral evaluation, mediation, arbitration, Med-arb or any of the other processes that Agree offers, simply call to schedule a free consultation.

If you want to bring a matter forward for mediation, simply call Agree and provide the particulars by phone.

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