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Agree Links

Partnering Organizations
Conrad Grebel College

Conrad Grebel University College, University of Waterloo, has the oldest Peace and Conflict Studies program in Canada. The Certificate Program in Conflict Management grows out of the belief that collaborative responses to conflict are most effective in building long-term relationships that best serve everyone's interests. Agree trainers offer workshops through Conrad Grebel that are open to individual participants. Courses can be taken for interest only, or can fulfil the requirements for one or more certificate streams, or work towards educational requirements for formal accreditation with provincial mediation associations. 

Industrial Relations Centre - Queens University

Queen's IRC has a a well-deserved reputation for delivering leading-edge training across all labour relations, human resources and organization development disciplines, providing organizations with the skills they need to thrive in today's business environment. Agree trainers offer workshops through Queen's IRC that are open to individual participants.

ADRweb - Canada's ADR Community Online

The website allows visitors requiring the services of a qualified mediator to quickly identify suitable professionals to help settle their dispute and expedite the scheduling process for those individuals & organizations that regularly require mediators.

The Ontario Association for Family Mediation

OAFM is a not for profit association promoting family mediation as a dispute resolution process for separating couples and for families in conflict. OAFM also promotes professionalism within the family mediation community. It has been in existence since 1982 and is run by a volunteer Board Directors comprised of members from across Ontario. The OAFM website provides important information for parties exploring mediation as an option.

International Academy of Mediators

The mission of the International Academy of Mediators is to define standards and qualifications for the professional mediator of commercial disputes and to promote the mediation process as the preferred means of resolving disputes.



The ADR Institute of Ontario Inc.

The ADR Institute of Ontario (ADRIO) is an affiliate of The ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC). ADRIO is a non-profit organization established to provide leadership in the fields of mediation and arbitration in Ontario. Members are provided with a regulatory structure that includes accreditation, a Code of Ethics and advocacy in all matters relating to the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ontario, for all forms of conflict including: Family, Estate, Workplace, Employment and Labour; Construction, Restorative Justice, Business, IT and IP, Real Estate and Property, Commercial, Contract, Community, Health Care, Education, Sports, Environmental, Insurance, etc. The ADRIO website provides comprehensive information on the training and certification of mediators in Ontario.

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