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Handling Complaints at the Front Line

A Systematic Approach to Harassment for Managers and Supervisors

Almost all harassment and human rights complaints begin at the front line, and if ignored or mishandled, can result in significant costs, including exposure to liability, lost productivity, poor publicity and reputation, and lengthy investigations by government agencies.

This workshop, aimed at all front line managers and supervisors, will: help participants recognize various types of complaints early, and guide them in appropriate responses and actions to take that will achieve best outcomes.

Participants will also learn about informal, interest-based resolution processes, how they fit into a formal investigation, and when to suggest and use these resolution-focused processes without compromising the quality of the investigation.

The focus of this workshop will be upon participative exercises.

Sample topics include:

  • how to recognize different types of complaints
  • how to assess complaints and gather information in a safe, credible way
  • how to offer an appropriate first response to complainants
  • understanding the basic legal framework that complaints and harassment operate in
  • awareness of personal and corporate exposure to liability and the legal implications of first responses
  • what internal and external resources are available
  • when to make the appropriate referral practice
  • first responses in a safe setting with peers conflict of interest and other ethical issues
  • responding to rumours when no complaint exists
  • managing chronic "complainers"
  • basic interviewing skills and documentation issues

Agree is a recognized Canadian leader in the field of alternative dispute resolution, and its principals are internationally known as mediators, investigators, conflict managers, authors, speakers and trainers.

If you are interested in offering this program for your organization, contact Agree for details.

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