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Experience In Facilitating Public Workshops

Including Public Information Centres (PIC)
For The Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Process

The following is a summary of some of the workshops we have facilitated:

Toronto Port Authority, Noise Management Advisory Study Group, July 2009

Heather Swartz facilitated the presentation of the draft Noise Management Study at the Toronto City Centre Airport to a community panel and provide a forum for discussion and to provide input on community issues and provide feedback.


Toronto Port Authority, Annual General Meeting, September 2008 and 2009

Heather Swartz facilitated the Annual General Meeting of the Toronto Port Authority, providing a forum for discussion and feedback and to provide input on community concerns.

Oxford County Centralized Biosolids Storage Facility, Public Meeting Oxford County / XCG Consultants Ltd., October 2005
Heather Swartz facilitated a public meeting (PIC) to present alternatives and a preferred site for a centralized biosolids storage facility for the County of Oxford as part of the Class (EA) process.

Innerkip Wastewater Servicing Public Information Centre Facilitation
Oxford County / XCG Consultants, April & October 2004

Heather Swartz facilitated PIC #2 and #3 for the County of Oxford as it sought public input into a wastewater servicing plan that would meet the long-term needs of the Community of Innerkip. The community was using private sewage disposal systems and the preferred alternative of a grinder pump system, a sewage pumping station and a forcemain to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Woodstock was presented.

Bexhill - Rattray Marsh Pipeline Reconstruction
Regional Municipality of Peel / Ainley & Associates Consulting Engineers, Feb. to June 2004

Rick Russell and Heather Swartz co-facilitated a series of workshops designed to provide public input as the Region of Peel investigated options to replace a pumping station and a forcemain that bisected the environmentally sensitive Rattray Marsh. This multi-session workshop provided information to special interest groups concerned with the welfare of the marsh, as well as to neighbours and others who may be impacted by a variety of possible solutions. The stakeholders came to a broad consensus on a multi-faceted solution that it was prepared to recommend to the community at large. This public consultation was conducted by the Region of Peel in addition to the Class EA Study Process requirements. Summary reports were prepared for each stage of the consultation.

Villages of Alton and Caledon Public Information Centre Facilitation
Regional Municipality of Peel / XCG Consultants, February and June 2004

Heather Swartz facilitated Public Information Centres #1 and #2 as part of the Class EA Study Process the Region of Peel was conducting. The PIC's focused on the issues of water and wastewater servicing in the Villages of Alton and Caledon and involved presentations on preferred design concept alternatives. Summary reports were prepared for each PIC.

General Information
Experience in Facilitating Public Workshops

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