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Customized Workshops

Because all of Agree's training and workshops are designed in a modular format, training that is customized and tailored to your specific organizations' needs is both possible and affordable.

Agree customizes its workshops in two ways. First, by organizing its training modules to meet specific customer needs, and second, by writing unique case studies and role plays taken directly from your industry and environment. In this way, custom training costs are significantly lowered.

In addition to the workshops described, Agree offers workshops that cover the full range of skills and knowledge in the conflict management field, including:

  • Interest-Based (Principled) Negotiation
  • Managing Conflict on the Telephone
  • Understanding Workplace Harassment
  • Conflict Systems Design
  • The Respectful Workplace

If you are interested in attending this program, contact Agree for details.

General Training Information
Experiential Adult Learning by Design
Accolades from our Clients
Conflict Management Skills for the Future
Agree can provide customized in-house workshops for your organization on the following topics.
Strategic use of ADR
Conflict Management for Managers and Supervisors
Executive Conflict Management
Sending the Right Signals
Conflict Management for Front Line Managers
Handling Complaints at the Front Line
Investigation & Fact Finding Workshop
ADR Training for Lawyers
Advocacy Skills in Mediation
Mediation Skills in the Organization
Strategic ADR
Business Coaching Program
Interest-Based Negotiating Smarts
Public Courses and Programs
Dispute Resolution - Fundamentals and Mediation
Organizational Conflict Approaches
Certificate Program in Conflict Management
Calendar of ADR Workshops and Programs
Accolades from our Clients

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