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Mediation for Business

Shareholder / Partner Conflicts

Nothing can be as damaging to a small or family owned business as unresolved conflicts among the owners. If these conflicts are not addressed in an appropriate way there is a real risk that the very survival of the organization will be threatened. The status quo is often characterized by a lack of effective communication, absence of mutual trust and respect and an "us versus them" attitude on the part of all involved.

Traditional approaches to resolving these kinds of conflicts have focused on adversarial processes, such as litigation. However, there is a better way! Agree Dispute Resolution offers a full range of cooperative, interest based, dispute resolution processes to assist parties in these situations. At Agree we understand that each case is unique and the process for managing the conflict needs to be tailored to the specifics of the particular case.

Agree's approach recognizes that not all conflict can be resolved -- but there is always an appropriate, and effective, next step. Agree works with the parties to identify and implement that next step. Agree meets with the necessary parties to analyze the elements of the conflict and condition the parties to accept a cooperative, interest based approach to addressing the challenges.

In many cases mediation will be the indicated form of intervention. A neutral mediator meets with the parties (and their legal counsel, if appropriate) to facilitate negotiations. Mediation will assist the parties in understanding their own underlying interests and the interests of the other parties to the dispute. Mediation will also assist the parties generating creative solutions to address those interests. Experience in conflict management and dispute resolution, including the appropriate management of conflict among owners of small or family businesses. Agree's fee structure is competitive and focuses on effectiveness and value for the client.

An Agree partner is available to discuss Shareholder / Partner Conflict Services with you in greater detail.

If you want to bring a matter forward for mediation, simply call Agree and provide the particulars by phone.

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