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Advocacy Skills in Mediation

Representing Your Client in Mediation

Mediation is now mandatory in our civil litigation system, and appears to be here to stay.

The skills needed to successfully navigate the legal system, however, are very different than the skills needed to get good results from mediation. Participants who treat this as simply another "legal" process are wasting an excellent opportunity to reach early, effective settlement of the dispute.

This one-day workshop will start at the beginning, outlining the most common mediation processes, how mandatory and voluntary mediation differ, and how best to use mediation for each party.

Sample topics include:

  • preparing you and the client for mediation
  • choosing a mediator: facilitator or evaluator? converting advocacy skills into mediation skills
  • understanding the process: when will bargaining be most effective?
  • working with the psychological interests of the other party
  • when in the process should we mediate? early or late?
  • using a Preparation Checklist

Who Should Attend

Lawyers, insurance adjusters, advocates, and human resource professionals who manage outside litigation.

If you are interested in attending this program, contact Agree for details.

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