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Investigation Services

Workplace Investigations fall into two categories:

  • WDHP (Workplace Discrimination and Harrassment Program).  These are complaints that fall under the Human Rights Code such as Allegations of Sexual Discrimination, Racial or Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace complaints that do not fall under prohibited grounds such as bullying

The investigation of any allegation requires a thoughtful process and careful attention to detail. Agree's investigation process is responsive, thorough, and effective.

The Process

Before commencing the investigation, Agree will meet with the management team charged with responsibility for administering the policy(s) in question. Together with the team and its human resources and/or legal advisors, we will review the requirements of the policy and make specific recommendations as to how to proceed. We will also learn what steps have been taken already to resolve the issues at hand.

Agree then meets with the complainant(s) and respondent(s) separately as well as with any witnesses suggested by the parties. Careful notes are taken and the parties are asked to initial these notes to confirm the accuracy of the information contained in them. We review any documentation or other available evidence.

Once all evidence has been thoroughly canvassed, Agree will generate an Draft Report for comment by all parties to the investigation. The parties are provided with a short period of time to offer further evidence or to comment on the interim findings.

Once these comments have been received and any additional information reviewed, Agree will issue a Final Report with a finding of fact pursuant to applicable policy.   If requested, Agree can include a separate Management Letter which would contain systemic observations which may be valuable to assist management in modifying policy or practice to prevent a recurrence.


If you want to learn more about how Agree's workplace services could assist in your organization, simply call Agree and provide the particulars by phone.

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