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Commercial Mediation Excellence

Strategies, Tactics & Skills that Close the Deal

December 2, 3 and 4, 2015 - CANCELLED


Location: Atchison & Denman – Airport Location

170 Attwell Drive, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 5Z5

Facilitators:  Rick Russell & Gary Furlong


Do you ever ask yourself....

      “What separates busy commercial mediators from ....‘Yeah, I tried him once…’?”


Most savvy professional litigants and litigators will tell you that they hire the mediators who have the ability to loosen impasses, keep people talking, narrow gaps in bargaining ranges and seal the deal. 


The Challenge: nearly all mediation trainers and courses focus primarily on integrative (interest based) problem solving and prefer not to engage the tough issues around positional, distributive bargaining -- yet most high stakes commercial negotiations play out as distributive bargaining sessions about money. 


Gary Furlong and Rick Russell have years of experience mediating in all parts of Canada and have collectively settled over 3,000 cases.  Commercial Mediation Excellence is a different kind of workshop; it shows you the link between integrative problem solving and transactional deal-making.  It gives you specific tactics and tools for preparing effectively, breaking impasse, identifying inflection points and leading the parties through creative interventions.  It gives you the edge you need to take the next crucial step as a mediator. 


Commercial Mediation Excellence (CME) is a three (3) day experiential workshop designed and delivered by Gary Furlong and Rick Russell, both seasoned professional mediators with thousands of hours in the mediator chair. 


Designed for individuals with an understanding of the business world, a desire to mediate commercial litigation cases, and who have taken an introductory mediation program.

To register for this course please contact Rose Bowden of Agree Incorporated, toll free 1-800-524-6967 or 905-627-5582.  click here for registration form

Cost:  $1,338.05 + HST. There is a 5% early registration discount when payment is received on or before November 1, 2015.  For those who register after November 23, 2015 (space permitting) a $100.00 late registration fee applies.

Participants will explore the following themes:



  • Working with mediation briefs
  • Reviewing experts’ reports
  • Building credibility with the parties
  • Working with authority issues

Breaking Down the Claim(s)

  • Understanding the heads of damages
  • Liability
  • Causation
  • Quantum and sufficiency of proof 

Mediator as Negotiation Coach

  • Offers & counter-offers – who goes first?
  • Offers that help & hurt→ the principle of reciprocity
  • Momentum and certainty – how they help close the gap
  • Multi-party strategies
  • Creative mediator tools for the endgame 

Evaluation & Reality Testing

  • Knowing what to evaluate and when
  • Analyzing litigation risk & BATNA
  • Understanding inflection points of a case – what it turns on
  • Knowing or finding out about the law

Commercial Mediation Excellence is a 21 hour, 3-day workshop that meets the requirements for Conrad Grebel College's Certificate Program in Conflict Management. Information on Conrad Grebel's Certificate Program can be viewed at Conrad Grebel Certificate Program

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