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Solutions Oriented Conflict Management


Conflict, when well managed, is a dynamic catalyst for positive change. When mismanaged it produces hostility, stress and other costs to individuals and organizations. These costs include not just dollars and cents but lost opportunities, damaged or destroyed relationships, low satisfaction and high recurrence levels. In any conflict situation there will always be a "right next step".  Effective conflict management leads parties to identify and take that step.

Our Approach

Agree focuses on helping clients make better decisions through the use of appropriate conflict management processes. Experience has shown that this approach will significantly reduce the cost of conflict management. At the same time, processes which emphasize principled negotiation, consensus building and collaboration tend to empower and increase the effectiveness of all involved.


Agree provides conflict management services in:

  • Mediation (ADR)
  • Workplace - individual and group restoration processes
  • Training
  • Partnering Facilitation
  • Workplace Investigation
  • Ombudsman

The Right Next Step

If you are interested in reducing the costs of conflict management, making better decisions or more effectively dealing with change, a few moments discussing options with an Agree team member will be time well spent.

Calendar & Bookings
Our calendar of availability is viewable online. After checking if the date and time you wish to book is available, contact by e-mail or phone to book your appointment.
Agree recommends....

Conrad Grebel College,

University of Waterloo





August 20 - 22, 2018


Waterloo, ON



Rick Russell and Heather Swartz


Interested in this workshop for your organization?  Please call Agree


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Calendar of public training courses

Agree accepts credit card payment


Waterloo Area Municipal Ombuds Office


Agree provides independent Ombuds services as the

Waterloo Area Municipal Ombuds Office


For the:

Region of Waterloo

Cities of Waterloo and Cambridge

Townships of Woolwich, Wilmot and Wellesley


Please Note:  Inquirers must go through the municipality's internal complaint process prior to contacting the Ombuds Office.


To contact the Waterloo Area Municipal Ombuds Office...


Telephone: 1-888-224-2488



Best Practices for the Union-Management Relationship in the Workplace

published in the Queen's University IRC newsletter, January 2017

By Gary T. Furlong, C.Med, LL.M (ADR), Queen's IRC Facilitator


These are challenging times for public-sector finances, private sector growth in a sputtering economy, and hard conversations at the collective bargaining table.  With so many issues on the macro level, we sometimes lose sight of the day-to-day working relationship for all of our employees and bargaining unit members.  For the vast majority of unionized and non-unionized workers, it is the day-to-day interactions that determine whether the workplace is a productive, engaged environment, or one that preoccupies everyone with conflict, grievances and problems.  Where each workplace falls on that spectrum will largely determine productivity, quality, absenteeism, as well as retention and recruitment.  In other words, success often depends on what we do each and every day in the union-management relationship.


Jointly Building a Productive, Constructive Workplace


To achieve a healthy workplace that leads to commitment and engagement, there are some important best practices that can be implemented jointly, by the union-management partnership.  Consider some or all of the following best practices for managing a unionized workplace:


Read the full article ...



Mission Statement

Agree provides the highest quality conflict management services to individuals, business, government and non-profit organizations with a focus on effectiveness and value.

Agree encourages the use of appropriate decision making processes with an emphasis on collaboration, Partnering and consensus.


The Conflict Resolution Toolbox - by Gary Furlong

The Conflict Resolution Toolbox
by: Gary Furlong


Read a review of the CONFLICT RESOLUTION TOOLBOX from ADResolution Magazine


Gary Furlong:  Managing Conflict


Gary Furlong:  Challenges for Today's Labour Relations Practitioners


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